A better case processing system for a Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority

Developing a service that is easier for users and boosts effectiveness for government

Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority (Statens Sivilrettsforvaltning or SRF) has become the first major client of Catware. We’re thrilled to have such a case on board because it’s a significant project, that showcases the strengths of our company and the trust of a Norwegian public sector.

SRF workers are responsible for overseeing the cases when Norwegians can’t manage their own interest in some way and need a governmental volunteer or a relative to help them. This includes underage children without parents and people with some kinds of disability.

VERA system users are over two hundred caseworkers, who oversee over 60 000 cases of more than 20 000 Norway citizens

Security of high privacy data

All of those add up to over 20 bln NOK ($2.34 bln) under the administration. VERA also deals with highly private information from names and addresses to diagnose information.

One should treat such data as securely as possible. That’s why development environments and production code is fully isolated and Ukranian offshore development team have access only to non-production environments. Nevertheless, we take other precautions including full data encryption of developers’ laptops and other measures.

All integrated

VERA is a system, that gets data from different sources including National Registry and integrates a bunch of services, including:

  • document production;
  • document archiving (complied with Norwegian Archives Standard — NOARK 5);
  • case processing;
  • bank account integration with in/out payment.


Technology stack we use in different system components:

  • Java 8
  • Spring 4;
  • JSP, JQuery;
  • Hibernate, Hibernate Search 4;
  • Apache CXF;
  • MySQL 5.6;


  • JSP, JQuery;
  • Spring Boot 2;
  • ReactJS, React Material;
  • .NET 4.5;
  • Open XML 2.0;
  • SharePoint 2016.


VERA project is being developed by three teams from two companies. In Oslo a Project Manager and Senior Consultant from Enso Konsulenthuset AS work with Solution Architect from Catware. The core developers team with 3 Java Senior Developers, a Senior .NET Developer, and a Senior Test Automation Engineer are based in Catware’s Kyiv office in Ukraine.

Petro Krasnomovets

Petro is an IT specialist with 12 years of experience in system architecture, team management and development. Through many projects, I have good expertise in implementing functional requirements in solutions and establishing the system design.

His experience as a scrum master and architect in projects both on the customer and supplier side, in private as well as in the public sector makes him a perfect fit for bridging the customer’s business side and IT.

Petro Krasnomovets

Catware Founder & CEO, Solution Architect
Sergey Shchuruk

Sergiy Shchuruk is a certified senior software engineer with 20+ years of experience in development, system architecture and team leading. He also has experience working as a software development manager and technical product manager. His domain expertise is banking, finance, telecommunication, and IT security. In these projects, Sergiy has worked through all phases – requirements analysis, solution design, estimation, management, development and transferring solution to the customer.
His varied experience as a software developer, team lead and architect, makes him an excellent candidate for various positions in innovative and high-tech projects.

Sergey Shchuruk

Senior Java Developer
Alla Kovbasiuk

Alla Kovbasiuk is a goal-oriented software engineer with solid experience in web applications and services development. She has sharp analytical mind and excels in every stage of the life cycle of software development, including design creation, coding, debugging, testing, and maintenance. Very initiative, result-oriented and responsible. Alla is well organized professional that continuously improve her skills.

Alla Kovbasiuk

Senior Java Developer
Maksym Pecheniuk

Maksym Pecheniuk is senior software engineer with solid experience in web applications and services development. Goal oriented, pragmatic and passionate about programming. Constantly learning new things and keen to grow professionally. Able to combine innovative ideas with technical skills to bring concepts into reality. Has knowledge of mobile software engineering principals, object-oriented programming, and the software development life cycle.

Maksym Pecheniuk

Senior Java Developer
Daniil Zaiets

Daniil Zaiets is experienced software engineer with 9 years of experience in software development, system and database architecture. He has worked on projects at both customer and supplier side, mostly in private sector. His domain expertise is corporate solutions using web and desktop technologies. In these projects Daniil has worked through all key phases – business requirements analysis, solution design, estimation, development, solution deployment, management.

His varied experience as a full stack developer, technical team lead and database architect, makes him a great candidate for bridging the customer’s business and IT. Also, he has experience working with offshore, nearshore and onshore teams.

Daniil Zaiets

Senior .NET Developer
Semen Arshyn

Semen Arshyn is certified quality assurance engineer with 7 years of experience in manual and automated testing. He has worked on German project for housing and communal services and has also previous experience in banking and finance. In this project, he was involved in planning the testing process, design solutions, product quality control, support for a cluster of virtual machines.

Semen Arshyn

Test Automation Engineer